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Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is easily one of the most recognizable dog breeds that there are, and one of the most ancient dog breeds – even appearing in ancient Egyptian images.  With it’s delicate but large body, long head, and aristocratic appearance, it is unquestionably quite beautiful and a favorite of many.  These dogs are indeed hounds, and are actually considered “sighthounds”, which means that they hunt based on their sense of sight – what this means for the dog owner is that the afghan does have a tendency to chase small running animals.  Like other sighthounds, while in the middle of a chase, the afghan can be parrticularly hard to control as they tend to ignore the owner in favor of whatever animal they are after.  This does not however mean that this breed is difficult – in fact, afghans are very affectionate and sensitive, and actually are very happy with a firm but gentle leader.

Afghan Hound Characteristics

The characteristics of this dog include:

– elegant, noble appearance

– somewhat difficult to housebreak

– a reserved dog, but very affectionate, sweet, and sensitive

afghan hound photo

afghanhound sighthound
afghan hound
image of afghan hound
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