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Border Collie

border collie at dog hotel

The Border Collie is said to be one of the smartest dogs that there is.  These extremely intelligent dogs are very fast learners, very active, and very athletic.  They are part of the herding breed of dogs, and so are at their best when herding sheep, cattle, or other livestock.  Border Collies have however become very popular as every day house dogs because of their smarts, their love of people, and their incredible good looks! […]

Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees

  The Great Pyrenees is a striking white fur-covered dog, that is almost unmistakable when you see him. He has a very pleasant, calm personality, and is considered an independent thinker.  These dogs were originally used by shepherds in the Pyrenees Mountains. Great Pyrenees Characteristics: Here are some basic characteristics of the Great Pyrenees – 1.  This is a huge breed of dog that can weigh 100 pounds or more when full grown. 2.  The […]


dalmation dog

The Dalmation is a widely known dog thanks to appearances in Disney films such as 101 Dalmations, and due to it’s traditional role as a firehouse dog. Here are some fun facts about this spotted dog. Dalmation Characteristics The Dalmation is known for being a very active, energetic dog.  They need a strong “pack leader”, and given one are fairly easy to train.  Without one, trouble may arise.   Weaknesses: Many dogs in this breed […]


Bloodhound Female

The Bloodhound is – unsurpisingly as you no doubt guessed from it’s name – a hound, and this dog is one of the most easily distinguished dogs you will see.  It has a very unique look including a large powerful body, long floppy ears, large droopy eyes, and a wrinkled face. Blood Hound Characteristics Some of the key traits of the bloodhound include an incredibly good sense of smell. Bloodhounds are prone to drooling.  These […]

American Bulldog

American Bulldog

American Bulldog Characteristics: These dogs are especially known for being gentle and family oriented. They are especially good with children. They are considered brave dogs, and although they are tough and muscular looking, they are not hostile. American Bulldog Weaknesses: These dogs are susceptible to overheating in the summer. Many owners report problems with the dogs drooling and slobbering.


image of a bassethound

The Bassethound is a hunting dog whose main characteristics include its droopy ears and eyes, their short legs and long body, and their tendency to drool profliferately. These dogs are indeed hounds, and they are specifically scent hounds, meaning that they use their nose to hunt.  Because the basset hound is such an easy dog breed to recognize, it is often depicted in cartoons and movies – for example you can find the bassethound featured […]

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