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The Bassethound is a hunting dog whose main characteristics include its droopy ears and eyes, their short legs and long body, and their tendency to drool profliferately. These dogs are indeed hounds, and they are specifically scent hounds, meaning that they use their nose to hunt.  Because the basset hound is such an easy dog breed to recognize, it is often depicted in cartoons and movies – for example you can find the bassethound featured in The Great Mouse Detectives, the Aristocrats, and even the movie Monkey Bone.

image of a bassethound

Of course, others might also think of the famous Elvis Presley tune “Hound Dog” when they hear Basset Hound.  In short, this popular breed is firmly embedded in the psyche of many people.

Here are some of the main traits of the Basset Hound:

  • They like company and do not like to be left alone.
  • These dogs are going to dig – not only do they like it, but they were bred for it.  This becomes an especially noticeable problem if the dog is bored, as it will dig out of boredom!  Your best bet is to work with the problem instead of discouraging the problem.  🙂
  • Stubborness runs in this hound dog breed.  These dogs must have a strong leader, otherwise they will try to lead and in the process you will find that you have a very stubborn dog!
  • They are good with other dogs.


basset hound puppy picture
basset hound puppy

head of a basset hound
basset hound

famous basset hound photo

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