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Border Collie

border collie at dog hotel
Border Collie in the distinctive herding crouch

The Border Collie is said to be one of the smartest dogs that there is.  These extremely intelligent dogs are very fast learners, very active, and very athletic.  They are part of the herding breed of dogs, and so are at their best when herding sheep, cattle, or other livestock.  Border Collies have however become very popular as every day house dogs because of their smarts, their love of people, and their incredible good looks!

Border Collies are ideal pets for someone that has a big backyard.  These dogs typically would not make good apartment dogs because of their need to be active.  To keep a border collie happy, you’ll want to give him a job to do, for this reason, alot of people join their border collies in agility training and competitions as it give the dogs something to look forward to and a “job”.  Be careful about being to lax with your border collie – a happy border collie is a busy border collie.  If you don’t have a job for him (or her), you might find him taking matters into his own hands and deciding his job is to herd you or your family around!

Traits of the border collie:

  • Very Trainable
  • Very Active / Energetic
  • Love to Herd
  • Great for Agility training
  • Alert
  • Friendly



Border collies are medium sized dogs (slightly on the smaller side).  Typically, males will be about 40 pounds, while females will be about 35 ounds.  A traditional border collie is back and white colored, although they can come in other colors including all black, merle, brindle, red, sable, etc.  There are two types of border collies – smooth coated border collies and rough coated border collies.  Smooth coated border collies have shorter hair than their rough coated cousins.

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