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Afghan Hound

afghan hound photo

The Afghan Hound is easily one of the most recognizable dog breeds that there are, and one of the most ancient dog breeds – even appearing in ancient Egyptian images.  With it’s delicate but large body, long head, and aristocratic appearance, it is unquestionably quite beautiful and a favorite of many.  These dogs are indeed hounds, and are actually considered “sighthounds”, which means that they hunt based on their sense of sight – what this […]

hotel pet policy

If you don’t want to send your dog to a hotel for dogs (for whatever reason), the other option you have is bringing your dog on your travels and trips with you.  The most important thing you need to do if you decide on this option is check the hotel pet policy in advance of your trip – not all hotels allow dogs to stay in their rooms, and you certainly don’t want to show […]

Pooch Hotel

The Pooch Hotel advertises itself as having “Five Star Ameneties” for your dog.  They have dog hotel locations in California and Chicago and say that they have a focus on being “green”.  This includes different initiatives which they say are helping them meet this agenda including – conserving electricty, reducing chemicals, a recycling program, and using earth-friendly products. Services at their locations include overnight boarding and daycare – including daycare with transportation.  In terms of […]


Located in Dallas, TX, Wufspa is a Dog Hotel intended to be a luxury dog boarding facility.  The hotel was in fact did get voted in the Best of D 2010.  They have different packages from which you can choose, dog training, grooming and spa treatments, and for those that are real luxury dogs – the penthouse. Their pricing for a full day is $22, and for a half day is $11.  Visit their website […]

The Grand Pet Resort Salon

The Grand Pet Resort and Salon is a dog hotel located in Fort Worth, TX and includes luxurious amenities for your pet including acupuncture for your pet (yes, I said acupuncture!) and a swimming pool among other things. This is a total luxury experience for your pet. Webcams are available to view what your dog or cat is doing in the Suite he/she is assigned to. Hotel rates range from $44 per night for an […]

Stay A Modern Dog Hotel

The Stay A Modern Dog Hotel is the best boarding facility and daycare facility and Chicagoland Tails Readers’ Choice award winner. The hotel is 30,000 square feet on Chicago’s north side, and breaks down into a 12,000 square foot daycare and 2,000 square foot fitness area.

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